Organizational development (OD) is the systematic approach that aligns strategy, people, and processes in order to increase overall effectiveness. As a practice involving the  planned and systemic change in the beliefs, attitudes, and values of employees,  OD accelerates individual and organization growth. OD enables an organization to rapidly respond and make strategic adjustments to industry and market pressures while keeping pace with technological advances.

As an organization matures, its needs inevitably change.  To respond dynamically to opportunities, OD utilizes structured activities used individually or in combination by the members of a client system to improve social or task performance.  Representative OD interventions include: team building; group facilitation; conflict management, organizational design, process design and improvement, work design and redesign, and large scale change management.

Propel + Excels prides itself on attending to the true needs of people given the realities of contemporary organizational life.  A number of benefits to you and your organization for engaging in OD are listed here:

Continuous Improvement – The OD process creates a continuous cycle of improvement whereby strategies are planned, implemented, evaluated, improved and monitored.

Improved Communication – A significant advantage to OD is increased communication, feedback, and interaction amongst all working within the organization.

Employee Development – OD focuses on the need for employee development due to constant industry and market changes. A program of learning, training, skills enhancements and work processes improvements serves to keep your workforce competitive, confident, and satisfied.

Breakthrough Innovation – One major purpose of OD is development of a culture of innovation, leading to both product and service enhancements. Innovation is achieved through employee development, which focuses on rewarding successes and boosting motivation and morale.

Increased Profit – OD affects the bottom line in a variety of ways. Increased innovation and productivity, cost reductions through less employee turnover and absenteeism, alignment of mission and goals, all lead to greater efficiency and profits.

If your organization is interested in learning more about how to readily achieve one or more of these benefits, please contact us for a no-cost, confidential consultation.